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We at Peel Engineering are the Official Manufacturers of the Guinness World Records World's Smallest Production Car Since 1962 - The Peel P50, and its sister car, the Peel Trident.

You may have seen us on various TV/Media appearances, including Dragons Den UK, Top Gear UK/USA/Australia/China, ABC/FOX news, Top Gear Live Tour, Guinness World Records, How It's Made Discovery Channel, Cadbury's Bubbly advert & Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museums in all major cities worldwide.

We are re-manufacturing a limited number of fully road legal (Under the 3 wheeled Moped/Motor Driven Cycle Classification) Peel P50 and Peel Trident Cars. Built in exact 1960's classic style, but with small updates to enable them to be driven on today's roads.

Both battery operated Electric & 49cc Petrol ranges are available to be ordered.

The original 1960s Peel's are extremely valuable, and a 1965 Trident and a 1964 P50 fetched $121,000 and $140,250 respectively in the RM Sotheby's Monteray Auction - August 2017. /

We can build you your very own official Peel Car for just a small fraction of this price!

The Peel cars are the world's most quirky, fun and eye catching vehicles. They are a sure conversation starter and you can't help but smile when you see one. As well as this, they are a small piece of British Auto Motive history, and an extremely valuable collectors item. As Official Manufacturers, we are the only company who can have the Peel brand on the car's documentation.

One of our owners in Japan - Sadamu Takahashi of Kamoi Company stated about the P50: "The reaction of the Peel P50 was very nice, people are surprised how small it is and ran on the road! Many customers said it is very cute!!!

Check us out in the Autocar Magazine Jan 18 edition -


Peel P50 Petrol - £11,799.

Peel P50 Electric - £11,499.

Peel Trident Petrol - £11,999.

Peel Trident Electric - £11,699.

* Please note - VAT and shipping is not included in the above prices.

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To Contact us Directly, please email [email protected], or call +44 207 097 5119.

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