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Junior's Throwin Craze - Woolfy


The new video for Woolfy's "Junior's Throwin Craze", is a smooth moving hallucination, effortlessly meandering through the sinewy city that is New York. Director/ Producer/ Photographer Shadi Perez helmed this video as it catapults the viewer into a vivid adventure depicting the protagonist’s antics and reveries. Starting off with a nod to analog, we quickly meet the central figure “Junior”, appearing as a seemingly dry, young corporate guy, who dutifully works in a mundane office tower.

As Woolfy declares the insomniac’s anthem, “haven’t slept for days!”, the video develops into a journey that many a dazed partyer lays claim to. This is a step into Junior’s head as he weaves in and out of reality and altered states. When the haze lifts we're left feeling wary of the shaky trail he's lefts behind, as he systematically continues on to work to repeat yet another day.

“...not taking yourself too seriously. A lot of it is unserious music, unless you take partying seriously, which I do, so I can be serious about it. “ -Simon James aka Woolfy

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