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A big future for a little car - Peel P50

James Caan’s investment in the new series of BBC TV’s ‘Dragons Den’ breathes renewed fire into a British manufacturing legend.

Peel originally made the Peel P50 and Peel Trident micro cars on the Isle of Man in the 1960’s before it ceased trading in The 1970’s .

In stepped car enthusiast Gary Hillman who saw one of the only 20 remaining original Peel P50’s at an auction and knew that he wanted to be part of the invigoration of the brand. He took over the task of reinventing Peel from the original inventor Cyril Cannell.

Gary found himself a business partner in Faizal Khan and together they have started to produce the Peel 50 and Peel Trident (with the bubble roof) only now with an electric motor to keep in line with todays environmental standards.

No strangers to publicity, the cars have already received huge coverage via the likes of Top Gear, London Tonight and the Paul O’Grady Show. However, the duo entered the Den with some trepidation.

Faizal and Gary pitched to open up new revenue streams from their business by producing a product range that epitomises the Peel brand British, quirky and compact.

The guys were delighted with the eventual deal with James Caan of £80,000 for 30% of the company (plus two Peel cars, one of each model) which will allow them to push the Peel brand to new heights.

‘‘ When investing I often look for things that are a little bit different. Rare opportunities can surprise you and add fun to the process. As a British made product, Peel encompasses traditional values and manufacturing.

Not only will there be plenty people who want to own a piece of history by having a Peel but the brand is ideally placed to expand into a larger product range.

You never know, soon you might even see me driving around Mayfair in my own Peel Engineering car  ’’.

Peel Engineering cars can currently be seen in Ripley’s Believe it or Not museums. Ripley’s 15 Million paying customers per Year see the Peel car in the busiest tourist locations in the world like New York, London and Niagara Falls.

Peel Engineering’s plan is to produce a range of merchandise to sell within retail outlets and via their website to capitalise on their cars popularity .

Since the Den, the duo have launched an online competition to design Peel inspired products. Inventors, designers and amateur enthusiasts are encouraged to apply.

The products should incorporate the brands' strengths - British, quirky and compact. The winner will get to pitch their idea to James Caan and if he likes it then it will go on to be made and sold worldwide as official Peel merchandise.

They are also selling a limited amount of cars via the website to an ever burgeoning waiting list.